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Raising a Tweener

One of the biggest challenges I have been having lately is how to communicate with my tween without shouting or getting into a fight with him.

His hormones and my fear that I am slowly losing my baby into manhood are not a good combination. Even shopping for dog house heaters can become quite a battle.

Of course, my love for him has not changed. We just have issues, that’s all.
It’s a work in progress.

Raising Kids


Disciplining your Kids: Which Approach is Better

When it comes to disciplining kids, there are two dominant approaches: that of the strict disciplinarian and that of the liberal mentor. Here are the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

Quickness of Response

Strict disciplinarian methods often elicit faster responses than those of the liberal mentor. However, these responses are often short-lived and sometimes more for show (when the strict disciplinarian is present or nearby). Liberal mentoring shows quick responses only for children who are naturally submissive. They don’t work very well with strong-willed and independent individuals.

Emotional and Psychological Impacts

Studies show that liberal mentoring generates more positive and longer lasting emotional and psychological effects on the child. On the other hand, strict disciplining has a greater tendency to instill fear and violence especially when not enforced properly.

Trust and authority issues

Because of the nature of strict disciplining methods, they tend to confine parents or guardians to figures of authority, thereby making it more difficult for the children to do nothing more than look up to them. However, for liberal mentoring, parents become more like friends instead of figures of authority so children trust them more easily with this approach.

Between the two approaches, there will always be pros and cons. There is no single approach that will work for all types of children, even in the same family.

Make A Day Any Size

Message to My Son

I would love to give this to my son – maybe I can include this in my album for his birthday gift. He is turning 12. This is his last year as a kid – next year he will be a teenager and I am exciting and dreading it at the same time!

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